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Designing Future Fit Organisations

9 November 2017

15Hatfields, Chadwick Court, London, SE1 8DJ

10.15am- 4.30pm

Dr Naomi Stanford


Organisations that want to be successful in an environment where market forces, technology changes and social trends are rocking the way we work need to pay attention to their design and development.  Capability in this is an essential business tool for line managers and HR practitioners.
This session is designed for those who wish to learn more about this intriguing and difficult to handle topic.

Who will benefit from the Master Class?

All HR practitioners especially HR Business Partners and planning specialists.

Programme content

Key factors that argue for a more fluid and ‘messy’ approach to organisation design include:

  • Availability of skills, expertise, knowledge to work in a collaborative, networked way
  • Social expectations of what business organisations are for
  • Technology advances on all fronts particularly through the deployment of social media and virtual workplaces
  • The need to lead and manage multigenerational workforces in very different ways from the traditional hierarchical one
  • Economic and environmental pressures to operate in a lean and sustainable way          

This session discusses the impact of these and other factors on organisation designs and suggests a different way of ‘doing’ organisation design at a team, business unit, and/or whole organisation level.

Using a case study approach participants will learn to apply:

  • Principles for positioning organisation design as a business capability required by line managers
  • A less systematic approach, but still rigorous in designing adaptable organisationsity
  • Hints, tips, tools, and how to’s on designing organisation’s in the new way
  • Change management principles within the organisation design framework
  • Guidelines for building organisation design practitioner confidence and capability

The Speaker

Dr Naomi Stanford is an expert in organisation design, innovation, and a culture consultant with clients in commercial, government, and non-profit sectors in the US and Europe.  She helps develop adaptive, open, and successfully innovative organisations through alignment of the formal and informal, hard and soft aspects of the enterprise.

Examples of her work include facilitating strategic planning, innovation, and organisation design off-sites for executives wanting to revitalize and refocus their businesses; managing the organisation design changes associated with large scale IT systems integrations and implementations; and designing in-house methodologies and toolkits for the consistent delivery of projects.

She has a PhD, two Master's degrees and is a Certified Management Consultant and Fellow of the RSA.

Dr Stanford is the author of: ‘Organisation Design, The Collaborative Approach’, ‘The Economist Guide to Organisation Design’, and The Organisation Culture: Getting it Right (Economist publication).  She has written many articles on aspects of organisation design and development and is a frequent speaker on the topics.


HR Society Members: £320 plus VAT

Non-HR Society Members £395 + VAT

The fee is inclusive of materials for the session, refreshments and a buffet lunch.

Discounts will also be offered to organisations that book more than one employee onto this event. Please contact us for further information.

How to Book


Contact us: gemma@hrsociety.co.uk


"Yes, extremely useful overview of how to approach OD in Challenging Times” Malcolm Plummer    Head of  OD    London Deanery 

"Great speaker, thought provoking" Hazel Henley OD Consultant. Ordnance Survey

"Experience of tutor was drawn on significantly, also that of the participants in the room" Clare Wills    HRBP Manager    Dstl

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