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HR analytics: gunning for a medal

Peter Reilly  20-10-2016

The Military was one of the first users of analytics to improve decision making under the auspices of operational research. About a thousand staff were so engaged during World War 2. A whole range of studies were successfully conducted especially on the optimal deployment of forces and effective use of weaponry. They also produced a famous counter intuitive conclusion for RAF Bomber Command. The Air Marshals wanted more armour be added to the most heavily damaged areas of returning planes. The OR group pointed out that it was the planes that...read more >

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Higher Education at risk post-Brexit

Linda Holbeche  10-07-2016

The Chilcot report and the shambles since the Brexit vote are just the latest testament to an endemic lack of planning by UK governments to prepare for the aftermath of seismic events. With regard to a possible ‘Leave’ vote in the EU referendum, many organisations have fallen into a similar trap. Only 10 % of organisations had contingency plans in place, according to CIPD research. In a way this is understandable since there was a widespread belief across most sectors that common sense would prevail given the strong economic case...read more >

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Should university applicants decide our industrial policy?

George Blair  02-02-2015

Employers have complained for many years that UK universities consistently educate too few science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) students. This, firms argue, constrains their growth.  In addition, some of the best graduates are lost to science and technology, as they write algorithms for better paying financial institutions.  

On the other hand, universities educate a huge oversupply of graduates in disciplines such as psychology, media studies and sports science.  This is not to argue that...read more >

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