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How to make UK engineering great again

George Blair  05-10-2017

The UK’s engineering industry is facing a skills shortage of unprecedented levels – if we need 1.8 million people trained by 2025, they can’t all be white males[1].

The engineering heroes of the 19th century left monuments which we still use and enjoy today.  Just think of Brunel’s Great Western Railway and Thomas Telford’s Menai suspension bridge.  However, the glory days are long since gone in the UK with engineering being seen as an...read more >

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The Great T Word

Andrew Mayo  18-06-2017

It is rare today not to see a subsection of an HR department with the name Talent in it. This has taken over the mantle of Leadership Development, Career Planning, Succession Planning, Human Capital Management, even Graduate Recruitment.  

The image the word brings is one of particularly desirable qualities or ability. Everyone has strengths of course, so are we talking about all people? Some UK Government departments have taken this argument and say that talent management is...read more >

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More for Less: Salvation or Hollow Rhetoric?

George Blair  19-01-2017

When organisations find themselves in financial difficulties, the usual response is to demand “more for less”.  In two words: improve productivity.  This is a laudable goal.  After all:

“Productivity isn’t everything, but in the long run it is almost everything. A country’s ability to improve its standard of living over time depends almost entirely on its ability to raise its output per worker.” Paul Krugman, The Age of Diminishing Expectations (Krugman, 1994)

This...read more >

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