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Our knowledge section is our hub for information about workforce planning. 

At the HR Society we can help your business and organisation by:

  • building a network of influential people involved in the hard edge of people issues;
  • holding events to facilitate the sharing of knowledge;
  • offering educational master classes in relevant subjects;
  • holding joint meetings with other professional societies dedicated to the support of organisations;
  • facilitating and distilling research.

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You may also wish to join our Workforce Network, aimed to support people who are engaged in workforce information and planning at a practical level
Our resources section provides more free downloads on workforce planning topics such as employee engagement, people strategies and talent management

At the HR Society we aim to support you and your organisation with information, tools and courses covering all areas of workforce planning.

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The Praxis Language Gym

The Praxis Language Gym is an exciting innovation in assisting employees acquire the language skills they need to undertake their work duties effectively and advance their careers.  It has been developed with leading experts in the field and enables learners to study at times which fit in with their work patterns, accessible virtually or in real time.  Experienced tutors develop course materials specific to learner’s needs and in the key areas of reading, writing, and pronunciation.  Employers will soon see improvements in their customer service, quality of record keeping and communications.
As a social enterprise, the Gym is a product of leading migration charity and all profits will assist the charity in its work.  Employers and agencies will be able to become agents for the Gym and a small referral fee can be negotiated.
Please visit our website for further information or email enquiries@praxislanguagegym.com .

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