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Surrey Police


Check out TMP's latest film with that showcases all the reasons why detectives should transfer to Surrey:

The Impact of the UK referendum out vote on the UK labour market


The dramatic referendum result of vote out on 23 June caught out the markets and much of the political establishment.  Sterling immediately fell, hitting bank and airline shares.  This was followed by the prime minister announcing his resignation and the new leader should be in place by the autumn.  As well as a change of Prime minister causing a battle for power in the conservative party.  The Labour leadership is in crisis, with Jeremy Corbyn facing much of the parli...

Monitoring the workforce: to spy or not to spy?


PC Pro asked the HR Society for its views on workforce monitoring.  The background is that there is a growth in electronic workforce surveillance.  For instance, the Daily Telegraph installed OccupEye under-desk person monitor.  It detects when staff members are sitting at their desks and how long they are away, by using heat and motion sensors.  This information can be used to inform decisions about the scope for hot desking and which office l...

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