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Presidents Forum

HR Society President, Angela O'Connor has instituted a series of President’s supper evenings where a small group of senior professionals from the HR Community in the public and private sectors get together to discuss the critical issues facing the HR profession at the moment.  

Each event focuses on comtemportary and pressing HR issues and we invite Senior HR professionals to debate the issues and share some of their insights to current affairs.

Events are complimentary to Members of the HR Society and by invitation. They take place at The St Pancras Grand Brasserie, Oyster bar and Champagne bar, situated on the upper concourse at the historic St Pancras International station.  

The evening begins at 6pm with input from a peer colleague who shares some of their insights to the areas of workforce planning in particular and why this matters so much to their organisation, followed by a Q & A session.  

After a three- course dinner the evening concludes with informal networking. 

What they say about the Presidents Supper

“Please pass on my appreciation to all at the HR Society for this invitation and for hosting what was a very enjoyable and frankly one of the most reassuring events I have attended since arriving in UK HR two years ago. I was beginning to think that HR professionals in this country were generally risk averse, compliance monitors with little entrepreneurial spirit. At the dinner I had the pleasure of finding this was not the case and was very pleased to be in the company of a number of HR leaders who could talk business strategy and how we can add value to the organisations in which we work. A refreshing change for which I am very grateful.” 

Nigel Waugh, Director of HR University College London   

"The HR Society supper club is a fantastic and unrivaled network of senior HR professionals who are able to discuss, debate and consider the latest trends and issues in HR. There is also the opportunity to get behind 'the story' and quiz guest speakers on major transformation programmes and learning on people issues they have been involved within their organisations. Simply put, it provides an opportunity to learn, develop and contribute to debate in a safe and confidential environment, whilst building strong networks with other HR professionals. I would highly commend the club."

Jabbar Sardar, Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development Cafcass

"I thoroughly enjoy the HR Society Supper club which provides a forum to discuss the critical issues facing the HR profession and is an invaluable opportunity, from me as an HR Director, to understand these issues for both public and private sectors perspectives. A great event to connect and debate with other HRDs"

Valerie Hughes-D’Aeth, Director of HR Broadcast Centre BC2 D5 BBC

 "The HR Society Supper Club is a genuinely engaging event, and one I would highly recommend to others. Fellow guests are talented HR Leaders drawn from a broad range of sectors and businesses, enabling lively debate and provocation. It was a real pleasure to share experiences, learn from others and leave with new business contacts and many innovative ideas."

Andrew Dodman, Director of Human Resources Human Resources The University of Sheffield


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